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Originally Posted by botsapper View Post
A more viable crossover to replace my present zoom zoom family bus. A handsome & distinctive sheetmetal sporting a Sky-D twin-stage turbo 4 cylinder with an available 6-speed manual transmission. Claims of 33/43 mpg economy from a non-hybrid crossover. Satisfying old school driving fun and decent pump avoidance numbers. Video Mazda CX5, Mazda Skyactiv D Turbo, vehiculo Mazda
The 2013 gasoline burning CX5 is rated 26/32 mpg.
2013 Mazda CX-5
The cheapest gasoline around here costs $3.34/gal and cheapest diesel costs $3.99/gal according to gasbuddy.
A gasoline fueled CX5 will cost $0.128/mile city and $0.104/mile highway
A diesel fueled CX5 will cost $0.121/mile city and $0.0927/mile highway.

Throw in the additional up front cost of the diesel engine and what are you left with? If you're going to pay extra for fuel economy, it might as well be a hybrid which would bump up city mileage substantially while burning cheaper gasoline.
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