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If you mean this: - yes, it defo has potential & it's one of the few designs I've seen that I also find quite aesthetically pleasing as well... not that such should be a priority, but I s'pose it is lol

There's a few tricky bits tho - the specs don't quite work with my seat, pedal & front wheel locations & while I could ofc mod to fit, I can't help but wonder if it gets to that I wouldn't be better off fabricating my own as you inferred... perhaps inspired by the Blue Sky Design body & based around that M4 canopy as it's one of the nicer ones I've seen. If you know of any others, similar to that canopy - I'd love to see 'em, can't have too many choices I figure.

Dunno, TBH I've got my hands full ATM jus' finishing up the million odds & ends, sorting out the pettiest of details that while small, can't be ignored lol - while I've no end of projects & plans vying for attention & time, the likeliest is I'll be using this upcoming riding season for test runs & dialing in the taddy, depending on those results I may build a body shell next winter for it... and a two wheel suspended trailer... and a replacement beater bike... and converting my '43 Rollfast to a Maytag... and w/e else I'm forgetting at the moment heh
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