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i may as well here is the hood all aluminum with no insulation

heres a side shot

i nice night shot showing the hid's also the M has the hood bulges, and no foglights as those to black areas on the outside edges are brake air ducts

from an ecomodding perspective you can see how loosing the sound and heat insulation on my mercedes might be a good place to start it probably adds up to quite a bit hood, trunk... etc...

also on the M it has some interesting aero features that could translate into aero info of some sort, it has a front chin spoiler, and a rear one, on the front the two edges go down further and the middle is raised from what ive been reading about air dams that probably makes sense. the aero on the rear actuly has an underbelly pan that has grooves that go up and over the rear bumper spoiler, and the trunk has a tip up at the end. though the car obviously is designed for performance and not mileage I think they do want low drag but also they want more downforce so maybe the rear setup is not ideal I will get some pictures of it all.

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