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el cajon IM too long so i added it to here

They are not as common as the dx,cx,ex,si models that is for sure. VX is obd1 -im not confident on my wiring skills & haven't done a obd1 to obd0 conversion like you desire. AFIK you will need the VX ecu, longblock, IM cuz it has that egr thing on it, 5wire 02 VX harness & o2, and "control box" that sits on the firewall;it has 2 components and a connector. CRX are obd0. Import Auto (Ali owner) charged me $150 for wire harnesshad a vtec sensor missing maybe was yanked off too hard and messed up back-up light connector). I had 2 go back cuz they gave me wrong harness so make sure your 02 connector (looks like 8pins/5wire) and other connectors are good before leaving. U also need a Vtec dizzy, i think even EX/SI will work. ecu is prolly cheaper on ebay/honda-tech ect. i paid $60 for mine a few months ago. I do not recommend the VX tranny cuz the final drive ratio is so fkking tall(?) that 5th gear is essentially not used/a waste.

You should be able 2 bolt up any EF tranny 2 it. The DX is what i have on mine and it has decent accel with not-2-hi freeway rpms in 5th gear. I have some spare MAP/purge (goes on back of IM) sensors, spare alternator/distributor. the lean-burn ecu of 49 or other than CA ecu gets like 5+mpg more than the CA version i gather from my searching. VX, SVOboy and tomO have lots of 411 btw.

wut else can i share with u... oh the VX o2 sensor is placed close to the head in a 4-1 configuration; cat right under to heat up the o2/cat quicker and lower emissions as HONDA designed it. Hard 2 find oem cat that bolts up to the VX EM(exhaust manifold) and you don't want to use ceramic headers like i had on my D15B vtec(1.5L jdm version of us 1.6L ex/si) b4 converting it back 2 VX. Reason being the longer time to properly heat up your wide-band 5wire-o2 sensor and Cat; which can cause you to fail smog. I found a 96-98 EX EM (4-2) with the o2 mount a lil farther down than the VX EM, but cast iron wich will allow the 5wire o2 to heat up/stay temp better @ecology. Unfortunately the lower 2-1 "A" pipe that should connect it down to the flange were all cut off in the yards. Import Auto sold one 2 me for $25(good price) for that lower A-pipe which bolted right up between the top half header/my aftermarket cat. Not necessary but i painted my 4-2-1 oem exhaust with hi-temp paint/including the heat shield so it has a new oem look.

Ok so far mine runs/badly...after erroneously changing injectors & putting back in ones that worked (jdm injectors came with the D15B vtec-E block frmo NIPPON $350) it runs but i think my fuel-pump is dying (272k on my VX). I believe only the FUEL PUMP /steering rack & AC fan are OG parts LOL .
I'd like to later do an ACURA INTEGRA 12.3gallon fuel tank swap to increase my driving range.yes i know thats more weight-my perogative.I have seen a post where its been done with maybe soldering 1wire. Another option is the DX/EX gas tank wich is 11.9gallons. As long as i use the straps/bolts with the intended gas tank, I should be ok. Another + is i might be able to connect the gas-warning light function on my JDM PANDA-CLUSTER (white rpm/gas/water gauges on outside) finally!

Still not fully swapped in my DEL SOL seat rails. Del Slow seat in pass side; but only able to directly swap the door-side rail from my EG hatch so far. May have to grind off 2 stubs which block the Ebrake side rail from coming off the EG seat. Any help on these seats is APPRECIATED ! thanks and have a safe weekend guys/gals !!
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