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Originally Posted by popimp View Post
One more question then I'm done. Would it be better to wait until the engine is fully warm before doing EOC?
That's a good question. Many technique-oriented hypermilers use a kind-of "stepped-up" approach to warming up a vehicle: Pulse up to certain speed, shut down and coast, restart, pulse, coast, shutdown, repeat.

Since I have an automatic, especially with a cold-soak, I do this only when I have to stop for extended periods (traffic light, parking toll booth, etc.) I feel there is a lot of stress on the engine/transmission with fluctuating temps at cold start (especially below 30F) -- so it's kept to a minimum. It's a personal decision on how much wear you want to place on the starter, battery, and other components -- especially at cold startup.

Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
I found my steering got a lot lighter when I went beyond 44 psi to about 50.

That lightness is what gave me the idea to remove the belt that runs the p/s as well as the a/c. I'm sure powerLESS steering would be tougher at 30 psi than at 50-52.

Though I suppose you already have your tires up where you want them...
I agree. At 50 psi, steering is much lighter in my application. But with the Chrysler-based minivan design, so much weight and pressure is placed on the front axle -- making it harder to steer. I've rented about 6 Chrysler minivan variants (Caravan, Grand Caravan, and Town/Country). 2.4L I-4, 3.3L, and 3.8L - V-6s. Mileage ranged from 18.5 mpg in the 3.8L mpg to ~22 in the 4-cyl (combined). I grew up driving an '88 Plymouth Voyager SE, 3.0L (Mistu) V-6. At 250K miles, the speedo/odo quit, but it kept going until 300k (?) before we sold it and I got my own car. The Plymouth was virtually indestructible. Good times

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