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ya i figured the 2nd set i tried (vtec not vtec-E) might have diff polarity or be peak/hold v.s. saturated (correct if i'm wrong), which didn't squirt. So i put back in the other set and those seem to work better after I installed a new fuel-pump w/strainer $148 auto-zone. Other than my BrakeBooster, the fuel pump/tank are only OG parts left on this VX ROLF!
Then after about 5min of good idle, it started to drop and surge alot...then pffftd out stall. I'll try to find a usdm VX TB which may also be my issue. Since I'm using jdm TB that came with my vtec-E - looks bigger than usdm VX TB. It looks more like a DX TB but wierd cuz this jdm IM has the EGR on it (???). oh yeah i heart jspec ayeeee. above 2k tho it seems to run just fine,pulls decent too. maybe the fast idle out of spec?fiddled too much with that screw requiring flat-head i bet =( sigh. no CEL either after driving about 10-15min.
non-performance related...I applied more generic dynamat under the rear-seats. I got too much left lol. I'll see if i can trade the rest of the dynamat(G) & just spray undercoating or spray-on dynamat to not add too much weight. I estimate I've got 6-8ft left.
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