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Originally Posted by Cameron318iS View Post
Well first off don't get info from Wikipedia cuz anyone can come in and change whatever they like about it. So any information from that source can automatically disqualify itself. Engine can not pull 5500 liters of air per minute if the air intake is only capable of 1350cfm, And I am producing a lot more than just 1 liter of HHO. I have been smarter than to just put it in my air intake. Science is a joke you never stop to think that information could be put out with the intention to mislead people, need I bring up eugenics telling people anyone who isn't white isn't a human. Don't be dickhead just cause I succeeded where others failed. More oxygen promotes a more efficient burn and the hydrogen gas creates a more powerful explosion it's that simple. If I wanted to hear to broke ***** douche bag post such pessimistic things on what I have to say I'd go back to bimmerforums. I don't see your ph.D anywhere, you just get all your info off the internet, which happens to be the least accepted source of information in the eyes of society. You should try testing it yourself given the cost of materials. Scientific theories are just that theories, there's a theory that we came from apes, and they are still here. Yet they can't find any link between us and them that just seems like a quest for a missing link that doesn't exist. As well as evolution doesn't take into account cross breeding of species. Now days more scientists actually believe in intelligent design and there is a whole **** load of evidence for that too. Given that you can use magnets to create perpetual motion then convert the kinetic energy into electric enough to power my HHO cells, it isn't magic. What is accepted by Science changes over time by people questioning the science itself, if we didn't question and test this then everyone would still think the earth is flat and that it is the center of the galaxy.
Wow, rant much? It looks like you embrace science when it suits you and bash it when it doesn't, both in the same paragraph. But it is a large paragraph...
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