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pilot where do you live? I live in Dayton, Ohio. The typical CRX here goes for 1200 (most of the time alot less) in good condition. maybe 1800 in perfect condition. And over 2000 for anyone who is not interested in selling their car. I have a 90 red HF and I paid 750 for it with nothing wrong, except it had alittle rust on the Q panels. I put gas in it and 4 new tires and it gets 54 mpg highway. 48 city with 260k original on engine and trans. There is a guy I know in Vandalia north of I 70 who is selling 3 CRX HF's he claims are all pristine no rust condition. He wants between 3000-4000 for each one. Guess how long he has been trying to sell? For over 5 years, and they are slowly rotting out over his lawn. So the best thing you can do is keep driving that thing.
If you want better gas mileage out of your hf I recommend to get 155/80/13 tires. I put those on my car and instantly got 3-4mpg better on highway.
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