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Originally Posted by racerc2000 View Post
let me get this out of the way. for economy I know most of these hho and the likes kits are snake oil.

heres another spin on it.

can the combustion chamber cleaning abilities and lower emissions be worth it in the long run?

as in would it be worth it to but out lower emissions and keep your engine free of carbon deposits etc that could lower the economy anyway?
Decoking was something that only needed doing when petrol didn't have the detergents etc. it has now, and for the bits that misses I understand there are potions, ungents and other magic spells ("seafoam" I think is one in the colonies, we use carb cleaner or Redex) which perform the same role in one go ?

Better than driving round with a permanently powered Unicorn feeder leeching off your car, no ?

Like I tapped - if it worked it would be on every car - and would be tuned, perfected and advertised as a feature.
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