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James, my analogy works for me. The burden of proof in civil cases is "a preponderance of the evidence" - an easier test than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden of proof used in criminal cases. My car hasn't failed smog. its emissions levels are just higher than average.

Unless someone comes up with something better, my best balanced hypermile/CAT lit technique is probably going to be top gear 35 mph steady state driving (46 mpg winter, 54 mpg summer). NICE-on P&G is a lot of work for maybe a 2.5% gain. EOC P&G yields ~33% gains, from 46 mpg to ~62 mpg, but there seems to be no way to keep the cat lit with EOC.

My references to littering and stealing were not meant as analogies. They were just examples of other things I don't do. I don't buy Exxon or BP gasoline, either, but doing so isn't a crime.

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