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Originally Posted by TheEnemy View Post
Digi-Key - CLM3C-WKW-CWBYA453CT-ND (Manufacturer - CLM3C-WKW-CWBYA453)

A light 5500K would give a nice warm (yellowish) light. I wouldn't suggest anything above 6500K because the ammount of blue tends to glare other drivers vision.

I am about to buy some of the linked LED's or similar because they are pretty efficient, and have a good light quality (little weak in the green) and a high efficiency AC/DC switching power supply to light my computer room.
At 20 mA those LEDs in the link are not going to glare any other driver.
3.2(V) X 0.020(A)=0.06W
They might be good for side marker or tail light if you gang up a bunch of them. I did not see the price but they ought to be really inexpensive.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I found some vehicle LED replacement bulbs.
As stated earlier each 194 replacement will save at least a 1/4 amp.
I tested a sylvania 194LL, it used 320ma, the 194LED used 15ma. I am sure at 14.4v the 194LL will use even more.
I also bought 1156 (standard bulb for inside and out side the vehicle) replacement bulbs. Each standard 1156 bulb uses 550ma give or take 20ma.
The 1156LED I bought uses 60ma, thats a half amp per bulb.

All testing was done with a battery showing 12.5v (the volts you would have it you did an alt delete).
Where did you find them and how much were they? Especially the 1156!

Regarding the blinkers a few posts back: It's about $12 for an electronic flasher in auto parts stores. Looks like a relay. I actually bought one to test but I have no intentions to convert my blinkers to LEDs. They are simply not in use enough to worth the hassle.


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