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We had some unexpected costs come up with our daughter in Kenya and that has postponed the new controller. It was supposed to be for Ben, but a guy that lives right near me sent me some money to make him a prototype, so I figured, heck! I'll get that sucker built and move on from there.

The AC controller code is rapidly approaching completion. This time I derived each formula one at a time and programmed that in. So, I know for sure that each step is correct. Before, I was trying to take the Microchip code and converter it to my use. When you don't understand what the heck you are typing, it's sort of hard to debug. haha. The AC driver board has 2 driver boards. The high side board is nearly identical to the future DC mosfet high side driver that I want to try. The low side is nearly identical to the current mosfet low side driver board.

Here's a picture of the mosfet driver board. It's populated in the garage right now, but it's cold out there!
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