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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
The diameter is a bit on the small side, but the weight makes me think there is enough motor there to handle some good power. 18hp continuous is pretty decent too.
That's what I was thinking too. I was mostly going by weight in all my motor searching, which tends to confuse forklift guys a bit.

"What voltage do you want?"

"Um....that doesn't really matter - I want it to be around 100 lbs."

(Blank stare in return).

My favorite comment from one guy was, "it would be way better to go with an AC motor. Just buy a big inverter - it will be way cheaper."


Are there going to be any problems with it being too long? I know that was almost an issue in Ben Nelson's ElectroMetro.
Yeah, I remember reading about the hammering that Ben had to do. Thanks for reminding me. I just went out with a tape measure and I have a good 19-1/2" from the bell housing to the opposite side of the engine bay. I didn't get a length measurement on this motor, but with a ruler on my computer screen and some quick calculation (knowing the diameter), it is just over 18-1/2" long from the output side of the case to the end of the drive gear thingy on the other side. With an inch to play with it should fit. SHOULD.

I do have a huge hammer, just in case.

UPDATE: I ordered the motor this morning from EV Corp. $388 + shipping. I can't wait to tinker with a real live motor!

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