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The only reasion for the cardboard is because my thermostat was stuck open and was running around 160F, with the cardboard it could get to 166-170 and about 174 in town. I forgot to remove it when I installed the new 192F thermostat, but watching my scangauge closely, it has never gone over 204F. I do plan to remove it once i make a grill block though.

I do plan on removing the mud flaps, they actually have a slot at the top of them to allow the air to go though, so I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make.

I was thinking about a mirror delete, but state law prevents me since it requires two OUTSIDE! mirrors.... Might look at folding in the passenger side since I rarely use it/need it and it would still be there... just not adjusted well .

The steel rims appear fairly smooth, would smooth wheel covers really make much of a difference? I thing lighter is better for wheel covers, so I would be looking to use chloroplast besides the fact I don't want the flashy hubcaps. Should be fairly easy to cut a circle in chloroplast, make holes for the lugnuts (4) and one for the valvestem. I have an extra set of Camry hubcaps that should go on this just fine, but I was thinking the extra weight would offset the small aero benefit. I'm thinking I could fill the indents in the hubcaps to have a good look yet aero. Ones I have are like these:

I'm also thinking a whiper blade aero deflector might be a fair benefit as well.

So many mods, so little time! I work 8 days on, 6 days off, so in a few days I'll have to play around with some mods .
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