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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
I have been looking for a BSFC chart for a C-code 82 GM 6.2ltr diesel for some time.

I found this

Better than absolutely nothing, sadly they only consider WOT but it still is quite interesting, fuel consumption per unit of power stays quite flat for an NA diesel

I would be most interested in the NON-wot values.
Hi rmay635703,
On page 58[pdf] (A-6[as labeled]) there is a slim hint, idle specific fuel consumption is 10 times higher than at maximum power. 5.83 vs .528. Or on page 83 (B-6) 1.36 to .52 I wonder what that is supposed to represent. Idle exhaust gas temp is just above boiling!

Also, after the GM 6.2 L there is another engine described on page 36 (27) 5.2 L two stroke turbo (Detroit Diesel?), tests on page 41 (32) (and page 122 or C-5 and 156 or D-6). Talk about flat bsfc - from 1800 rpm to 2800 rpm (190 hp to 260 hp) the bsfc goes from .36 to .34 to .38 (39% to 35% eff.)

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