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Had to replace front brake pads on the 2010 Impala today, 1 pad was squeelling at 6xk, s(bought at 40,000), all other pads 1/2 thickness or better. I'd hate to replace a caliper already, but probably should, only reason that pads gone is the caliper is draging costing MPG. Huge advantage of owning a car a long time is to know it, hear the changes in sound, performance, mpg.. and it's worthwhile. Removed my rear winters as they are good for another winter, front's are on till gone.

I sanded my idler pulleys on Stratus today, no more constant squeling belt, thanks Frank, I would have never though the idles mattered unless the bearing was going out. Power steering still acting up, but atleast no noise.

Haven't had to replace a rear bearing yet, but both fronts on the Malibu due to noise. Not bad noise but I noticed.
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