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I recently got to use the laser cutter at the Milwaukee Makerspace! Man, is that thing cool!

After just a few minutes of training, I imported the vector art of the Open ReVolt logo and started etching on some scrap plexiglass!

I also figured out how to CUT with the laser cutter. It's not all that powerful, so cutting takes a few passes, but comes out so perfectly clean, with a nice smooth edge!

I made two different versions of Open ReVolt tokens. Just the logo cut out in a round shape. Could be used as a keychain or something I suppose! (I even added a little hole at the top for that!)

The clear plexiglass was "top-etched" - the side you are looking at is the front. I figured that when I actually do the lid of the motor controller case, I want the logo cut from behind, so the top is smooth, and doesn't get dirt and gunk in the engraved logo. For the orange token, I mirrored the logo art, so that you look THROUGH the smooth side and the logo is cut on the back.

I ended up having to go back to the Makerspace this morning (I left my laptop there last night!) I had my travel coffee mug with me, and started wondering if I could laser etch my name on it.

Sure enough, I can. I just had to make sure it wouldn't roll while the laser etched it.

I also grabbed the lightning bolt from the Open ReVolt logo and used it on the back side of the coffee cup.

A friend of mine there has been doing some work carving plexiglass and edge lighting it with LEDs. It's very similar to what I would like to do with the controller case.

I still have to figure out the boxmaker software, choose the material, learn how to power a string of green LEDs, but THEN I can make a really awesome controller case! (Don't worry, I'll be sure to post all the files when I'm done!)
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