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Originally Posted by dakota1820 View Post
I'm wanting to put a hai on my 98 saturn sl2. please someone explain to me how to do t his. Keep it in simple terms. I dont know much about this. Stuff so I'm at a loss. I understanf why to do the mod just now exactly how to build it for maximum effect. I appreciates it guys have a good one.
It depends on the engine a little, but here is the general idea: find your air filter box, usually on top of the engine, then find the intake tube that leads to it, about 2 inches diameter and usually black. Investigate how to detach the tube from the air filter box. They usually can be detached, but it might feel like a hassle to get it off when you are new to this. Now find the exhaust manifold (where the exhaust pipes exit the engine. (CAREFUL: make sure you do not touch the pipes without checking that they are not too hot!) Figure out the best route from the air filter box to the exhaust manifold for a pipe like the one you detached (getting to within a foot and preferable over the exhaust manifold will be enough). Now, take the intake tube you detached to the hardware store and more or less match its inner diameter to some plastic plumbing pipe or flexible foil type hose used for HVAC purposes (what exactly you get will depend on the route you identified). Affix that tube to the air filter box in a secure manner (engine shaking can knock pretty tight fittings loose, so make it tighter than it seems to need just to attach it and not have it fall off.

I hope that helps.

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