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Motor Test

I finally went across the border to Blaine, WA to pick up the motor. That's where I send most things, because it is way cheaper to ship to a US address and bring it into Canada myself. I have a Nexus card, so it doesn't take long at all - maybe an hour in total, including the drive and including filling up with cheap American gas!

I got home and quickly hooked up the motor up to a battery. At 12V, it BARELY turns. At 24V, it spins at about 120 rpm. At 48V, it spins at maybe 1000 rpm, but that's just a guess. What the heck? That can't be right. The brushes are advanced to spin the correct direction, and reversing the direction yielded a much slower speed. Shouldn't this motor spin up like crazy on 12V and spin out of control and blow up on 48V with no load? To be honest, I am connecting the armature and field with a 10 gauge wire, but I would think this should be enough for no-load current testing, no? The wire wasn't getting warm or anything.


EDIT: I just heard back from the guy I bought it from. Turns's actually a SEP-EX motor! At least my lack of motor speed is justified. But it still sucks. Now I have a controller and motor not compatible with each other.

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