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I tested the latest pile of crap that's soon to blow up. hahaha. The max-current variable is working very well. I set it to 50, and at max throttle it was actually 44.1amp (OK, so I was a bit off. stop picking on me. I'm going to punch you right in the head.)

It's just one line of code to change the calibration from current sensor ticks to amps, so I'll tweak that so it will be 50 amps when max current is 50 amps! dang it.

Also, I got the minimum current ramp rate slowed down, so that now, the slowest ramp rate to go from 0 to max-current is 8 seconds. At 1000 amps, that's like 125 amps per second. At 50 amp max current, it will feel a hair sluggish. lol.

The biggest that max-current can be set to is 9999 real life amps. hahaha. It's my way of rebelling against the "oh, don't climb that tree, you might sue me if you are injured".

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