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OK, I got the LEE HART go-ahead for a new diode I'm going to try...

The 200v rating of the mosfets/diodes has been a bit of a concern to me. This takes care of the diodes. 400v should be fine for at least up to 200 or 250v. Very good drop in replacement mosfets go up to 300v. That would be good to maybe 200v nominal batteries. The caps are the only annoying thing. Higher voltage electrolytic caps are garbage. But the 200v caps are rated for 250v surges, so maybe that's fine. And it's only like $45 for a bunch of them in bulk. I could do a large pile of thru-hole ones but they are expensive. The whole point of individual components is that they're cheap. If a capacitor were a person, I'd get super mad at it.
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