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clunkergem - '95 Honda Civic VX
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93 civic vx - first time car owner!!!

So at 38 years old I finally had to break down and by a car. I have been bicycling and mass transit up till now. What luck that a friend sold me his (Cali) VX!!!! I had no idea about lean burn at the time, just got stupid lucky.

So now I have to learn a lot about cars! I can fix a bicycle blindfolded, but other than filling up gas, checking oil, and checking tire pressure, i havent really ever done anything with a car. I feel like I've already learned a ton just by browsing this awesome forum, but there is soooooo much I don't understand, much less am I able to find it in the car.

Im getting 32-35mpg right now with combo city/highway. I think that my best first starting point is an mpguino so I have a good baseline. Any other suggestions about where to start for a total newbie? What information is important to know about the car? My short list:

wheel size engine type, O2 sensor harness type.

What else is important to know?
What are other good starting points for FE improvement??

Thanks so much,


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