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Originally Posted by larrybuck View Post

Don't be afraid to bump up your tire psi. by at least 5#'s.

Work on SMOOTHNESS so stops are slower, and more gradual. Anticipate stoplights
ahead to avoid full stoppage if possible, and reduce accordian effect.

Live your life at 55mph., and much lower if possible.

Find routes to your destinations where you can cruise in high gear 35-45mph. w/o
having to stop much.

The most effectiveness is also the cheapest: learn to control yourself, and not drive w emotions.
Thanks for the suggestions, One question I had was - you mean bump up tire psi 5 lbs from manufacturer suggested from CAR or from TIRE manufacturer??

Also I really like the more "touchy feely" aspects of increasing FE. Going from bicycling to driving, I really noticed how much more I want to 'get there as quick as possible' and how much easier it is to forget about energy conversation when it isn't your legs doing the work. Maybe I should start thinking like I'm biking again...

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