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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
It's common for the transmission fluid to be forgotten about, manual says to change it every other year and to use 10W30 motor oil, some people say that the dealers MTF is a better fluid to use, I use 0W30 full synthetic motor oil and have been very happy with the results.
I tend to always do a basic tune up on any new car I get, oil change, air filter, spark plugs, new coolant, check the distributor cap changing it if needed, jack the car up and check wheel bearings for play, brakes for drag and tires for odd wear.
Thanks for the suggestions. I got the car tuned up and had filters and plugs and plug wires changed. I think that transmission fluid was changed, but Im gonna go back to look at records and make sure. I know that they put in 10w-30.
Tires are newish so it may be hard to see wear. I only have the factory jack that came with car, but I guess that's enough to check wheels for play and drag.

Thanks again

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