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New to forum, joined because I need some positive reinforcement.

So, I am happy to finally be a member of I have perused your archives for some time now and really appreciate the information that is put out there.
I drive a 1979 Mercedes-Benz 300SD Turbo-diesel. I have a 90-mile round trip commute. Recently I have been getting 30 mpg with it (a high of 31.77mpg), up from my previous 27 mpg. I decided to post about it in a mercedes related forum,, of which I am a member. Disappointingly, most of the feedback I received were from nay-sayers, telling me that it is impossible to get that type of mileage on such a large, and old car. I wrote several data-enriched posts (data from my records), and finally had to call it quits because I was so tired of people just thinking I was crazy, or "in need of a new calculator," as someone put it.
In any case, I am excited and very pleased with my new economy. I am also looking forward to being a member of this forum, where it seems as though people help each-other, rather than doubting good results.

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