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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Welcome to EM. What is your goal with the car?
My goal is to get 35 mpg. I think that I will leave the engine alone, as it seems to be running very well and efficiently. I have been considering using a mild front air-dam and maybe side-skirts to help aerodynamically. The side skirts should be an easy install as the car has a strip of chrome trim underneath the doors and holes are already drilled. The front air-dam might be a little bit more difficult, I'll have to stomach my pride and drill into the chrome front bumper.

Also, I have been adding ATF to the fuel at approx. 1 oz to every 2 gallons. My theory is that the detergents in the ATF have cleaned out (and are continuing to do so) the injection pump and injectors, allowing them to work properly/better.

I might try preheating the fuel, as the mileage increase I noticed happened at the same time the ambient temperature went up. The fuel that isn't used up at the injectors is just returned to the tank, and is cumulatively heated as you go down the road. It may also be that stations around here switched from #1 to #2 Diesel. But, I don't think that we ever had #1 because it really doesn't get that cold, especially this winter.

Well, here's hoping for 35 mpg!
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