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Memorial day weekend I saw those new signs in Cali near the AZ and NV state lines. I avoided the Hoover Dam on my Phoenix to Vegas trip because of traffic.

Yesterday morning I was passed by a speeding semi pulling a wide load(half a house) taking up two of three lanes in a construction zone marked 55 MPH. I was doing an indicated 56 MPH in the right lane and he rode my tail for about half a mile and due to his proxcimity to my rear bumper, I assume he was annoyed by my blatant disregard for the 55 MPH limit. It wasn't quite enough disreguard for him. As soon as he could he moved over blocking the other two lanes of the freeway and passed me. I was a little annoyed, but not as annoyed as the rest of traffic. It amazes me how people ignore the construction zone speed limits on the freeways around here.

My commute includes almost all freeway. When I enter the freeway on the way to work about 9:30 PM the speed limit is 65. I set my cruise for about 55 as soon as I enter the freeway, and stay in the right lane. All traffic flys past me like I am standing still. A few miles down the road the limit is reduced to 55 MPH, and no one seems to notice as they continue to pass me angrily. A few more miles the limit goes down to 45MPH for about 4 to 5 miles, and since no one slows down I leave my cruise set to 55 MPH, and traffic continues going like the limit is still 65, which means they are going between 70 and 90 MPH in a 45 MPH construction zone. I think people are a little annoyed by my low speed, even though I am going 10MPH over in the 45 zone. I just laugh at them, and enjoy saving money while they throw it away.


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