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It was for 2 reasons, 1) save money on MPG 2) legally smog my car in CA w/o paying $2-300 bribe to smog tech for the jdm version of the D16Z6 (1.5L vtec 130hp) that WAS in my car past 4yrs. And I would still save a few hundred after factoring the swap, which I took into account before doing the swap. I drive 300-400miles a week hiway.
I used a 49state P07 VX ecu for 5spd. Using the VX ecu... p07 and a catalytic converter 2yrs old, and an Apexi Vafc to adjust fuel more with Boomslang PnP ecu harness connector, I think I'll pass.
Haven't smogged it yet due to the erratic idle/stalling. looks like im getting a CEL for my 5wire oxygen sensor too . oh the joys of swapping motors. hope u all enjoyed the pics. i forgot to bring my camera up to homey's house where we did the swap. Somewhere in my HD i have a pic of the swap where i took out the usdm D15Z1 and put in that D15B vtec I just took out. I put 90k on + ~35k from japan= approx 125k on it. It needs new Timing Belt,prolly h2o pump, and oil/valve cover gaskets. $250 its yours. local pick up be posted on new thread after i take pics of it (my cel camera bites).
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