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I like it !

It does seem that our odd cars do make others smile

For my car it depends greatly on age to the reaction I get.
Under 16 love it, get a kick out of it, laugh, really seem to enjoy it.
16-25 it's odd but they have a limited budget so they understand the rational of why it looks odd. But for most people in this age group fitting in matters more then saving $$$

25-55 this is a really mixed bag. Car snobs dislike it. Mini van moms frown at the looks. Guys seem to think it cool but not for me to drive.

55-70 think it's a neet idea and I just must send the car makers a letter.

75+ very much understand the idea of saving money , they lived through the depression, and I tend to get a lecture on " how it's rair to see a youngster interested in saving gas".

Do you tend to see a similar break down by age?
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