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^They don't either

Originally Posted by Weather Spotter View Post
Yep it's fun. I tell people, gear heads mostly, that we enjoy the same thing. Modding cars. They give me an odd look then I say I just mod for less horse power, better top speed, and better mpg. Most of them get it and start asking how fast the car will go.

I pull their chain and say about 85 mph down hill with a tail wind otherwise its about 55 mph.

What's this local meet you speak of? There are none in my area.
Exactly! I enjoy modding my cars in both ways but the Probe is dedicated to MPG.

The meet is Fridays and Saturdays at the strip mall at Woodward and Normandy.
He gave me a dollar. A blood-soaked dollar.
I cannot get the spot out but it's okay; It still works in the store
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