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I have a B18B coupled with a B16 tranny in my Del Sol. It's a bit lighter than a GSR, the transmission is a little shorter and the motor doesn't have VTEC, but they're not night and day different.

I have tried shifting at 1800-2200, and at 2500-3000, and honestly I've not noticed a very significant difference in FE between the two. I recently started downshifting to slow down at stoplights and saw a decent improvement, and my car responds very well to pulse and glide due to the short transmission. When I first got the car, I averaged about 30mpg at the end of a tank. With improved driving habits I find I can get a trip average (in the city) of 34-38mpg, the upper number using a moderate amount of pulse and glide. With engine-off coasting I believe I can probably approach 50mpg, with 45 being a typical trip across town.

This is without any actual mods like grill blocks, alt/ps delete, etc.

My highway mileage (driving at a steady speed) sits a hair over 30 due to my terribly short transmission, but grill blocks and a smooth underbelly combined with pulse and glide have great potential to raise that.

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