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94 VX Kill switch help needed

I am trying to wire a kill switch based on the following post.

The post is pretty clear so I think I know what to do regarding wiring to the PGM FI but I need help with the switch. Instead of using a generic switch, I ordered an OEM Cruise On/Off switch that will go in the dash from Ebay. I looked at the wiring diagram for it and I think that I need to use pins 1 and 2 and ground 3 but this is where my questions come in. I have done very little with wiring and I don't want to mess anything up in hooking this up.

1. I was having trouble checking this with continuity tester but finally got it to work. When the switch in pushed in or "on" I get continuity between pins 1 and 2. Can someone confirm what I think I should wire? I think I would take the black wire from the PGM FI and run it to either pin 1 or 2 and then take a wire back from either 1 or 2 back to the PGM FI box. Correct? Do I need the ground on pin 3?
2. What is the best way to wire things up to the switch? Should I try to get the plug with the wires attached that would plug into the switch or can i just solder onto the pins once I know which ones are the correct ones to use?

Thanks in advance.


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