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Some Scratch Build Ideas

Like many folks here, I keep thinking of "rolling my own."

More specifically, I keep thinking of building a "car" from scratch which would optomize aerodynamic and propulsion ideas.

Here are some design drivers which seem personally relevant:
1. Probably most important is that I live in VA and they are tough on home builts, unless it is classed as a motorcycle. So I'm thinking of starting with a motorcycle engine and rear suspension, but I want to wind up with weatherproof tandem seating for two. Part of that inspiration was this:

214 mpg with DIY aerodynamic fairings on a Honda 125cc motorbike

2. If it is to be tandem for two then it is probably going to be taller than wide. Because of this, I'm considering outriged front wheels for a so called tadpole design. This architecture seems ideal for a good "template approach in plan view, as the above ref motorcycle.

3. How to do the front suspension? There is the choice of streamlined struts, perhaps with inboard shocks and springs(a la Formula Ford) and streamlined steerable fairings for the two front wheels, or,

4. A complete faring in of the front suspension, body all the way out past the front wheels (a la VW L1).

Approach in 3 has the advantage of lower A in the CdA mix, but the Cd will be a bit higher.

Approach in 4 has the advantage of a lower Cd, but the A will be a bit larger.

I'm leaning toward approach 3 since I can probably find a relatively modern Formula Ford front, from a wreck, as a starting point.

I would love to have some comment on this trade-off. Perhaps others have though some of this through. I think the less important front can be relatively close to template and certainly the rear plan view can hold template for some considerable distance before truncation.

Any comments or suggestions welcome

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