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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
A search of "Llewellyn Sylph" turns up some music related results -- any other keywords that would help?

Jim, have you studied Ken Fry's Zing! which takes the tandem/enclosed fixed front wheel fenders path? Another option (depending on your local laws) is the Duo Quest by Allert Jacobs; which is a side by side vehicle with a pair of closely spaced rear wheels, and widely spaced front wheels. This may or may not qualify as a trike. An example of a standard trike with side-by-side seating is the TWIKE. I think the way it avoids the stability issues is keeping the speeds below highway speeds.

The main challenge of a trike is Cg. The location of the engine and the location of the people are the key things that determine the Cg. The geometry of the seating matter a lot to Cg. The height of the Cg matters a lot -- many tandem trikes lean in turns. Side by side trikes have very wide track on the pair of wheels, or longer wheelbase, or a closely spaced pair of wheels substituted for the single wheel (or a very wide single wheel).
Yeah, I turned up all that musical stuff too. Maybe Phil will be a bit more specific.

I thank you for your thoughts. I am leaning toward the tandem seating idea because it keeps the frontal area small. The VW L1 did the same thing. But, your thoughts on cg height are certainly serious concerns. I don't think a car that leans into the turns like a bike is going to be an attractive approach, for lots of reasons.
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