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Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
One-liners (quips) such as this are easy to make, but they add nothing substantial to the discussion.
More Irony.


Ok. I'll spell it out.

You are not following your own advice. You are trying to pick an argument with someone who doesn't really want an argument with you.

But you are arguing the OP was trying to pick an argument with someone who didn't want to argue.

Do you understand now? Are you understanding any of this?

I understand you are trying to help, but the OP doesn't want your help. He does not want your advice. You offered your advice, and he told you thanks, but don't bother any more.

Yet you persist.

The OP is a really nice guy, who offers some great insights. If people like you persist, the OP might quit posting. Which would be a bad thing.