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I've been around the block a few times, started driving at age 15 and 4 months, 120 days after my 15th birthday which was 11/22/65.

Good old Christ(not sarcasm buddy), I am so happy to know my Social Security Check is safe, since I started paying into the system the same year I got my first drivers license.

I was once an egotistical little brat like our buddy tc, but I grew up a long time ago, unlike the persona he dedicates for us here. I do know how to push his button and get him ranting on. It takes so little effort, but I get bored with it quickly.

I think if anyone here looks at his posts over the last year or more, they will find little knowledge gained from his efforts to consume bandwidth. I guess he thinks we are privileged to be the recipients of his glorious wit and humor.

Anyway I digress, but feeding him his pureed humble pie is an interesting sideboard.

When another driver commits an act of assault, which in the strictest of legal terms is a felony and depending on the seriousness of their pursuit of confrontation could be a serious series of felonies with serious consequences, then what is the best response?

Little old tc would like to intimidate us, me, you, anyone, with his much too important wisdom (at least in his own mind he is a legend).

Having given this some thought, and being fairly observant, I think I might just purchase the means of recording such incidents, which would provide me with evidence in court where the offender could be summoned and his fate determined by a real judge, not some self appointed one like good ole tc. The humble pie is piling up tc, I pureed it to make it easy to swallow, wouldn't want you to choke on it!

If I wanted to be vindictive or was prone to vendetta's then I guess I could have just memorized his license plate and done some subterfuge on him or his vehicle at a later date, but then again you are responding to the aggressor. However I think that in the more egregious examples, like this one, you are dealing with an individual who has lost or abandoned their concept of civilized behaviour, and when this becomes the norm, because there is no cost to them, then the roads will be much less safe for those of us who understand that operating a vehicle on our roads is a responsibility.

I have stopped and talked to police officers about idiot drivers. The last time I was going the speed limit on Colonial Parkway and was passed by a big old Dodge Truck. The issue was he was going 10 over and passed me in the middle lane (3 lane with passing only in the middle by both directions-very dangerous) when the middle lane was a sheet of ice! The officer was polite and considerate as I am sure old tc would be if he was talking with an officer, and he told me he could do nothing unless he actually observed the incident.

Of course the officer is not the enforcer, the judge is the real enforcer. Sounds like time for some video capabilities. I wonder if I could sue the jerk?

Enjoy your humble pie there tc!


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