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Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
The defensive and increasingly hostile response to it creates the argument. s.

. Instead he became sarcastic, escalating the interaction,

I persist in pointing out that escalation generates argument and conflict. THAT is actually what this entire thread is about. (However now we have descended to arguing about arguing.)

I know that too. We have been in agreement many times in the past and I actually respect him, but his current, relentless defensive posturing and sarcasm is disappointing.

I cannot cause him to quit posting altogether as you are suggesting. If he were to do so it would be entirely his choice. To the contrary, we are not seeing any cease and desist here. Instead we are seeing more long, rambling posts arguing in his defense.

Irony. Do you understand you are doing EXACTLY the things I have highlighted above?

"sarcasm is disappointing" is particularly pompous and arrogant, which is a realm i reserve for myself.

If you are waiting for someone to tell you to shut the **** up, please consider it done.