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Yeppers... or rather I'm still considering it & thus the testing of the electric drive system on the Mongoose. I designed the taddy to be a hy/tribrid (49cc four stroke, electric hub & pedals) to maximize fuel efficiency - but it's as of yet still unclear if it's "worth it" with the extra weight & complexity. Here's an (outdated) pic;

w/more info here:

& yes, the 'Pie has regenerative braking, switched levers & w/adjustable parameters (percentage of drag/charge) via USB/PC interface, which was one of the lures of this particular hub for the taddy application... but I haven't messed with it's settings yet as I seem to have misplaced the b'danged USB adapter

...which may actually be adversely affecting my evaluation as there are various preformance adjustments inaccessible otherwise, I gotta get on that lol
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