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Hey all. Paying lots of attention to all being said here. I have the VERY same issue. I have a 26' enclosed race trailer, only I have a 5spd Cummins dually and I run an American Iron racecar (same group, NASA). Pretty cool!

Same goal. Less diesel burned to get to and from the race courses.

So, is there an update on what happened here? Did the mods get completed? How did they do? I am very interested to do a Kamm back on mine.

I actually tried a plywood wing of sorts in my lame attempt at "throwing" the air up to the trailer as in a previous picture that I think Aerohead posted. It was inconclusive, but I didn't have a scangage at the time (one is on the way now though).

I"m getting a realistic 12.4 to 12.5 on most trips which I guess isn't terrible considering. I believe my trailer alone is about 5800lbs, seems to be built quite heavy. 2800 lb Camaro and gear + fuel, etc etc has to be 9 - 9500lbs I think.

Anyhow, would love to hear an update from you.

BTW - Road Atlanta is road course Heaven.
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