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A valid suggestion... but after much consideration I've decided for my usage, windshields & fairings are just too impractical & cumbersome TBH, particularly on this bicycle - which is serving only as a test platform for the ebike stuff anyway and will eventually be demoted to just another ICE powered winter beater/commuter.

More testing of some of some the taddy's components - this time lighting.

With any electric vehicle, power reserves are of paramount importance ofc, even a hybrid like the Zombrid as even though it's got an onboard charging system - every watt counts. Lighting can be a power hog, particularly if it's spiffy halogens so they're out of the question.

So after some shopping around I got a pair of LED MR16 Halogen replacement cool white spotlights (12V 4W/440 Lumen - 50 Watt Equivalent), one with a 30 beam angle (high beam) and one with a 60 for the low. Conveniently for the Mongoose, they just fit in the old headlight from my now stripped Schwinn, so I stuck the 30 beam one in there. Ofc not being 48v I have to use a DC to DC step down converter (60-48V in, 12V out) to power it and the LED taillight, which is simply a trim/marker light, commonly available at most auto parts stores - tho this too came off my ol' Schwinn.

After a coupla hours fiddling around with soldering connectors, more shrinkwrap & wire routing I was pleasantly surprised to find that it works really well! There's some peripheral efficiency loss w/e you use a converter, so the consumption wouldn't be as ideal as using 48v lights, but the loss is marginal - very marginal when you consider what 48v LEDs cost & their limited selection & availability lol

I should prolly point out that if you're looking for a low cost, reliable & effective lighting system for your own bike these 12v LED MR16 halogen replacement bulbs and the red trim/marker lights are commonplace & cheap (anywhere from 4-10 bucks ea), you'd just hafta come up w/your own 12v battery - a small SLA or better yet, a 12v ni-cd replacement power tool battery.

The MR16 is most commonly used for indoor track lighting BTW & while unusual for LEDs, the MR16 replacements are usually not polarity sensitive so you don't hafta worry if you wire it backwards;

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