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Opinion Needed

Ok ladies and gents. I'm not a noob ecomodder, so don't think about flaming me! My lovely VX came with a Spectre aftermarket intake tube and filter: typical ricey crap. The problem is that this setup is obviously not tuned for my desires. As an ecomodder I want that FE and low RPM power. Duhhh!
Now then... tracking down a stock VX intake system has been quite difficult. I have even tried calling guys from the Civic VX for sale ads, to see if they'd like to trade me intakes. No luck. However, a friend of mine just bought a nice (expensive) full cold air intake system for his 5th gen Civ EX and is willing to trade me his stock for my cruddy set up. Not sure why he wants it, maybe just doesn't want to give me his stock intake straight out...
To the point! Should I go more stock and use the EX intake at least? It's bigger than stock VX tube but smaller than the Spectre. I figure it'd at least be closer to proper tube length and may help with lower RPM power. I think the biggest benefit of this swap will truly be that I will once again have a filter box, hence allowing me to run a real WAI.


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