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Originally Posted by niky View Post
The miles per dollar analysis ignores the huge upfront cost investment in a motor vehicle, the huge annopual insurance and maintenance costs and the fact that you will still burn calories while driving.
I did neglect insurance cost. However, if you drive AT ALL, you need insurance.

Maintenance costs are a factor, although thats why I said some cars. Last year I sold a car that cost me less than 1cent/mile in maintenance. I'm on track to have extremely low maintenance costs on my current daily driver when I sell it as well.

And in regards to calories burnt driving... my BMR is 1960 calories. In 20 minutes of driving I'll burn around 30 cals - almost insignificant compared with the 500+ biking to work.

The link above is interesting and shows the huge variation in calories/dollar. Unfortunately I eat low carb, which eliminates all of the high calorie/dollar foods except peanut butter.

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