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I've got an MR2 pump in there, wired to a switch. I didn't get the brain box, so those wires (the clip) are just hanging out in case I want to add it later.
The only time it's even remotely difficult to steer is when I'm at a stop, or very very low speed. The car seems to benefit most from this at highway speeds in terms of mileage, though I didn't do any solid testing to be sure.
What's neat about the MR2 pump is that there is a manual pressure adjustment on the pump, so you can mess with it to find "just enough" assistance when you're not moving.

I haven't yet had any "OH SH**!" moments in which I've needed to turn faster than I am capable. Although it HAS had the added benefit of strengthening my arms a little (I don't actually turn it on very much, only in very tight parking situations).
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