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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
The first gear is the same, the final changes it a bit. With the added low-end torque of the HF swap, you'd probably be net about the same.

One problem I had with the HF's gearing was that, even in my +100 HP sedan (~120HP at that time, IIRC), I couldn't pull anything except 3rd gear up long hills, and accelerating past 60 or so was just wishing in a bucket (on those hills). I was also running 205/40ZR16 street performance tires and hadn't done much else to the car at that point.

For the record, I'd entertain trades for the swap as well, if you know anyone that's interested in it.
The HF 3rd gear is slightly taller than my current 5th gear! First gear with the HF final drive is about halfway between my 1st and 2nd gears. I can take off in 2nd gear now on flat ground, but it would kill my clutch on a hill. I might try the HF trans, I keep thinking about it.

I don't have much to offer in trade. Have any use for a Chevy 350?
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