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Originally Posted by echo-francis View Post
Frontal Belly Pan DIY Fabrication :

Today, we have worked on the underside of the car for about 3-4 hours. Result : a new coroplast Frontal Belly Pan! Yes, we do not plan to test them tho, cause their hard to install, and pricey in duct tape. We plan to make a complete belly pan, we will make a center pan and a rear pan. for the future Boattail!

Here some pictures of the jacked car :
We jacked the car with bricks and 2x6. For the 2 Frontal wheels.

We have also placed 2 jack to securize the position of the car. And bricks behind the wheel to stabilize.

The fabrication of the Belly Pan :

First of all, we began to build the driverside Belly. it is all made of coroplast. We fixed it with screws in the plastic underbumper. Also put our best friend, duct tape to smoothen the belly. Here some picture of the first part of the belly pan :

After, we started the construction of the second part, the passengerside belly pan. Did the same as well, screw it in the bumper, and smoothen with duct tape. Here some pictures :

(Notice the cat
FINALLY...a good use for an NDP election sign!!!! HA!!
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