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Daox -

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Autostop doesn't actually add complexity to cars. Its just a little additional programming in the ECU, a beefier starter, and a beefier battery, thats it.
Which increases UMC (Unit Manufacturing Cost) :

For a $295 premium, the new battery technology can deliver fuel economy saving of 3.5% to 10%, according to Ford.
Mazda has the i-stop :

MAZDA:Idling stop technology | Environmental Technology
Idle stop systems save fuel by shutting down a vehicle's engine automatically when the car is stationary and restarting it when the driver resumes driving. Especially in urban areas, drivers often let their car's engine idle at traffic lights or when stopped in traffic jams. Switching off the engine to stop it idling in these situations enhances fuel economy by about 10% under Japan's 10-15 mode tests*1.
From what I understand Mazda *didn't* bring their autostop tech to the USA because the benefit isn't quantified in the EPA MPG test. No carrot, no incentive to increase UMC. But maybe that's changed?!?!?!?!?

Even though it's a simple idea, I wouldn't expect people to know about it. It's also got "complicated" states that could disable it, aka is the A/C on, is the battery low, blah blah blah.



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