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Diesel engines bump start almost as easy. After the first "difficult" revolution, they actually spin easier than a gas engine because of no throttle plate. You have to see compression as a giant spring. You compress a bigger spring with a diesel, but this spring also pushes back harder to turn the engine on the way back down (on what would be the power stroke if the engine was running).

Originally Posted by zsnemeth View Post
Starter wouldn't be redundant! When You have to start the diesel (for whatever reason), when the truck is stand still, how will you do that with the DC motor? There is no clutch after the DC motor.
Easy. Put ICE in gear. Step on EV go pedal. EV motor turns driveline, moves truck and rotates ICE (all at the same time) to start ICE.
Step on EV go pedal. Once vehicle is moving, push clutch & put ICE in gear. Dump clutch to start ICE.
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