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Originally Posted by z_power View Post
First - thanks for starting some very inspiring threads Ben!

DIY and low cost equals to DC these days - it means no regenerative use of motor... So I'd rather consider hybrid-plugin setup, like your DB diesel for high speed cruising and electric for all "unstable dynamics" like acceleration or stop & go traffic.
In my mind the point of hybrid is for regen, all is not lost with DC!

You can get regen with DC, you would need a shunt wound motor a few have made series wound do regen with mixed results.

What I wonder, Lee Hart had modded his curtis to do regen but it couldn't handle the amps since it wasn't very controllable, since you have an open source 500amp controller, why not build it to 1000amps and add Lee Harts regen, the stop would not be slow and gentle a good chunk of the time but it would be effective and add some juice back into the battery for the times you need it.

Also I don't think a 1.2 TDI is unobtainium, its just $2500-$6500 to your door which is a lot more than say a $200 5.7/6.2 diesel.

Ah well
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