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Originally Posted by skyking View Post
The only way I know is to fuel slowly. I use the slowest latch ( we can still latch a pump here and there) and wash the windows. I don't fill often nor do I fill at a busy busy station, so I don't fret about tying up a pump.
When I get back, I keep topping till the fuel just stands there.
Some station delivery rates are set so high that even the 'lowest' setting has caused spillage.
I ended up inserting the 6" stainless probe of a dial thermometer to hold the detente fuel door open after the first clickoff.Then I can watch down the bore as the fuel comes up the neck until it just stands there.I don't spill this way,and I know for certain that the tank is actually topped-off.
The vapor recovery nozzle boot must be held back,but it's not a hardship.
What would William Shatner say about that?
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