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getting worse

Originally Posted by orbywan View Post
OK, I've been in the sun too long, let me see if I understand your description. "I ended up inserting the 6" stainless probe of a dial thermometer to hold the detente fuel door open (you're referring to the little spring loaded door in most or all late model gas tank fill necks, yes?) after the first clickoff. (and you insert this tube down the tank fill neck to hold the little door open after the nozzle has kicked itself off the first time)."

Then you proceed to fill up i.e., skyking's description, till the level is static. My beast has no spring loaded fuel door so I don't know why I'm asking other than to assure myself the Alzhymer's isn't getting worse.
No,you're fine (or no worse off than me)!
*I set the delivery rate at the lowest setting on the handle.
*When the nozzle clicks off,I remove the nozzle.
*I ground myself
*Insert the 6" stem of the thermometer down the filler neck
*Re-insert the nozzle
*And pump as slow as I can,bringing the fuel up the neck until it just stands there motionless,just short of spilling out.
*If I can get to the same pump each time,oriented in the same direction,if there is any variation in calibration between pumps,it will cancel out these differences,as it's always the same pump.Excepting road trips,where it's anyone's guess as to calibration.
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